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The ZOVARIA Crystal Fusion Water Bottle is designed and hand created by Canadian, Stacie Rae. An author, artisan, and a spiritual mentor—she is the heart of Zovaria.


The moment Stacie Rae connected with the concept of “Crystal Water”she was enamoured. She knew the possibilities were endless with the natural and powerful properties of the earth we find in crystals and gems.

“For too long the theories and beliefs that Crystals had the power to create change to our environment via vibrations have only been accredited by certain spiritualist communities, being completely disregarded by the scientific community. That, however, is changing. Now, many well known scientific studies are being done with Crystals such as quartz, putting their much-overlooked properties in the spotlight; there is an unveiling of the power of our earth to a whole new level”. -Stacie Rae


Studying the documentation of how Crystals were changing the molecular properties of water, Stacie Rae began to see that there was an opportunity to bring this enlightening information to the hearts of her community. She knew the world needed to understand that this natural power could be used in everyday life for everyday practical wellness.


The ZOVARIA Crystal Fusion Water Bottle was only the first of many wellness products that Stacie Rae has designed and has been launching from her creative universe. You can experience her Wellness Alchemy by visiting her main site at

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