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Hand-Made in small batches by Canadian artisan and Wellness Motivator, Stacie Rae.

ZOVARIA's Crystal Fusion Water Diamonds, infuse everyday water with the properties of elemental crystals from the heart of our earth.

Simple to use and effective on all sources of water. The crystals in our Water Diamonds, restructure and enhance drinking water to bring generous benefits, such as mental clarity, vitality, and other positive vibrations. For use in counter top jugs, Brita systems, existing water bottle, even the back of your Keurig!


All Crystals have natural vibrations that in this case, return the water we drink to its living and restructured state.


It may sound like science fiction, but water has a memory and the ability to be structured in perfect form with its natural counterpart; gemstones and crystals. Water as found deep underground, is being cycled over natural bedrocks of quartz and that is why spring water is so highly coveted.

Artesian water is the purest and highest quality of water our planet has to offer, being perfectly structured for optimum absorption and health to our bodies. And you can have all of this at home, using your own tap water!

The process that water goes through in order to be brought to the taps of our homes, causes each molecule to break apart and lose it vibrational energy and health properties. By returning the water to the same quartz it originated from, it restructures itself and we benefit from its wholeness and perfect snowflake structure. The memory that water has is astounding. It remembers how it should be formed, and used the natural bond of crystals to return to it natural state.

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